The HYOSUNG group is developing the next generation of LED business
We position it as a growth field and are actively developing business.

HYOSUNG is developing a business focusing on developing new products that meet the diverse needs of global customers by vertically integrating the development, manufacturing, and sales of LED displays and LED lighting in the group. In addition, by outsourcing LED products utilizing our network, we will offer optimal product offering and technical support.


Galaxia · Electronics Co., Ltd.

LED display system, architectural landscape lighting, LED lighting equipment specialized manufacturer
Galaxia · Electronics is a specialized manufacturer of LED application field that develops and manufactures LED display and LED lighting system. Major businesses include the manufacture of LED displays used in imaging equipment, the design and installation of landscape lighting for buildings and media façade, and the home LED lighting business. Galaxia · Electronics LED display realizes clear and deep color shades and develops ultra large 3D screen for the first time, attracting attention of the world entertainment market every year by showing new technology and highly reliable products I will. Especially in the design of the media facade which is one of the new time ∙ spatial art that the building turns into a gigantic art work while making a gorgeous image when the sunset, the building possesses exclusive technological capabilities. In addition, we produce full line up white LED lighting with thorough quality control and development capability with high reliability. Through a control solution that maximizes energy savings, we provide lighting solutions that are optimized for diverse customer environments.


LED Display

Galaxy Electronics's win vision is clear and is a high-quality LED display capable of expressing images of various colors. There are rental type products used for indoor and outdoor performances and permanent type products such as wall advertisement. It is light weight, slim, excellent durability and reliability are appreciated.

Architecural Lighting

The LED light source is installed on the surface of the building to produce light, and the building turns into a landmark of the city. We propose a new construction method in which the exterior and the LED are integrated.