We aim to become a multi franchisee that develops various food service business including GYUKAKU.

What is "GYUKAKU"?
A shop popular as a fire of yakiniku boom. It is a shop born from the feeling that "tasty meat, delicious liquor should be tasted more easily and casually more easily". Fashionable interior, cuisine sticking to the ingredients, reasonable prices, and hospitable hospitality are popular secrets.

焼肉酒家 牛角HP

product appeal

We buy delicious meat in large quantities at all stores and we will do our best to make you eat even cheaply.


In order to satisfy our customers


Before being told to customers, such as exchange of net, replacement of lemon, exchange of towel, etc. in order to eat delicious.


I made it a bit fashionable to put even girls alone.


Yogurt Hayaki and others delicious for low pesticide vegetables whose producer’s face can be seen are also good for the body!


“Oil on the wall” It will not be such a shop! ! I will greet you with a good face as always to eat comfortably.