Optical FILM

Self development and production of TAC films for polarizing plates
Current annual production capacity : a total of 110 million m2, with 50 million m2 for the 1st
TAC Plant, and 60 million m2 for the 2nd TAC Plant combined

  • TACフィルム

Hyosung is producing triacetyl cellulose (TAC), which protects the PVA polarizing films used within LCD polarizing plates for TV sets, monitors, laptops, and cell phones, using self developed technology. In 2009, the Optical Film PU set up a TAC film factory for LCDs in Ulsan as the only Korean company with an annual mass production capacity of 50 million m2 of TAC films. With the operation of the 2nd TAC production line completed in Oksan in 2013, the annual capacity was increased to 110 million m2. And it has recently advanced into the Chinese market, which is emerging as the largest display market, and is expanding sales there. Also, as technologies progress in the electronic material industry, Hyosung is developing new films based on TAC film technology and broadening its product portfolio to include a variety of optical films.