Global SAFETY TEXTILES (Airbag Fabric Maker)

Global No. 1 airbag fabric maker

  • Airbag flat fabric
    (Coated / Uncoated / High-con)
  • Airbag cushion
  • Airbag OPW
    (X-tether, Laminated)

Global Safety Textiles (GST) produces flat fabrics, cushions as well as OPW (One-Piece Woven) products that protect passengers from side impacts and rollovers. It is the world’s largest airbag fabric maker and ranks No. 1 in global market share. The unit boasts a market share of 32% in the Global OPW market through close collaboration and bulk transactions with top-tier module makers such Autoliv, TRW, KSS, and Takata. GST delivers the world’s best quality supported by its technical advantage in hi-tech weaving and cutting processes, and patents in the OPW process. In addition,GST covers the total value chain of airbag and cushion manufacturing–warping, weaving, coating,cutting, sewing, and folding, and is able to meet customers’ needs with a full lineup of products. With its head office in Maulburg, Germany, GST has 10 production plants in Germany, Romania, Poland,China, USA, Mexico, and South Africa. In addition, GST Germany also has R&D centers in order to develop high value-added products constantly. Through this efficient global network and R&D activities, GST is able to maximize customer satisfaction.