PP/DH (Polypropylene)

Internationally competitive polypropylene resin ‘TOPILENEⓇ ’ / Global No.1 – PP-R pipe grade

  • PP(Polypropylene)

‘TOPILENEⓇ ’ is manufactured and sold by Hyosung; it represents PP, which is the most widely used among the five major general-use resins. TOPILENEⓇ is manufactured through Japan’s MITSUI CHEMICAL HYPOL process and US’s DOW UNIPOL process. TOPILENEⓇ has gained recognition for its high quality in a range of products for special purposes as well as general-use. The random copolymer products for pipes are exported widely as one of the world’s best products. To secure a stable supply of the main material for polypropylene production, Hyosung supplies itself with high purity propylene from the propane dehydrogenation (DH) process where it has adapted cutting edge technology methods. From raw materials to the finished products, it has successfully established vertical integration of its supply chain.



We produce and supply a variety of products such as Homopolymer, Lmpact-copolymer, Dandom-copolymer etc, which make maximum use of each property by Polypropylene Hyper construction method and UNIPOL construction method made by Xiaora.

PP適用製品(Aerial Ropeway)

Based on the processing characteristics that have been developed, Xilinx PP satisfies the diverse customer requirements, ranging from general purpose molded products to functional products requiring high transparency, high impact, and high rigidity.