Fabric Unit
Supplying multiple fabrics, including functional and protective wear, and cleaners
FinestarⓇ — a comprehensive brand of cleaning products using microfiber

  • Garment fabric
  • Workwear fabric
  • Non-Garment fabric

The Fabric Unit is equipped with an integrated production system that covers yarn production, fabric weaving, dyeing and post-processing, and focuses on developing highly functional high-tech products. The unit’s main products include garment fabric, workwear fabric and non-garment fabric.The garment fabric uses a functional fiber to produce waterproof and water-permeable, ultra light,sweat-absorbing and fast-drying, ecological, cooling, light and thermal, elastic tricoat, and fireretardant materials. The workwear fabric includes highly durable and functional work suits,fireretardant products such as aramid and modacrylic, highly durable dust-free garments worn in clean rooms, highly robust nylon and protective wear and military fabrics made of para-aramid. The fabrics for non-apparel products include FinestarⓇ, a comprehensive lineup of cleaner fabric using microfiber. The unit manufactures and sells lens and display cleaners, clean room wipers for semiconductor and other electronics manufacturing and household cleaners. In addition, the unit develops and supplies its highly robust fabrics using the nylon high-tenacity fiber RobicTM and highly durable and protective case fabrics HyskinTM.

Dyeing Unit
Monthly capacity of 700K yards of nylon 2-Way spandex and 2.5 million yards of dyeing

Hyosung’s Dyeing Unit leads the Korean dyeing and processing industry and has the best integrated dyeing plant in Korea, which dyes 2.5 million yards of fabrics annually. In particular it can also process 700K yards of nylon 2-Way spandex monthly, which is a highly difficult process. In addition to its dyeing process for nylon 2-Way spandex, polyester 2-Way spandex, cotton union cloth, and polyester fabrics, it provides a variety of additional processing steps including buffing, sanforizing, and singeing.

  • Spandex fabric
  • Mixed fabric
  • Polyester fabric