SPANDEX (Polyurethane elastic fiber)

No. 1 global market share, the world’s No. 1 spandex brand creoraⓇ
Selected as a ‘World-class Product of Korea’ by the Korean government

  • creoraⓇ Color+
  • creoraⓇ Black
  • creoraⓇ Power Fit
  • creoraⓇ highcloTM
  • creoraⓇ eco-soft
  • creoraⓇ STEAMSET+
  • creoraⓇ Soft Fit
  • creoraⓇ LUMINOUS
  • creoraⓇ comfort
  • creoraⓇ Fit2

Powered by its proprietary production technologies, R&D and global marketing activities, Hyosung has grown to become the largest spandex manufacturer in the world, and its spandex brand creoraⓇ is ranked No. 1 in global market share. With its best quality and value, creoraⓇ continuously develops new product lines that meet customers’ needs and creates new prospects in the textile industry.
creoraⓇ introduces its consumer fabrics to major brands through the creoraⓇ Fabric Library located in major fashion cities including Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, New York and Milan. The creoraⓇ workshop is held regularly to provide consulting services to help customers enhance their competitiveness through customized one-on-one consultation. It is a part of the differentiated marketing activities under Hyosung’s win-win management, whose goal is to grow with customers.
Having built local production facilities in China, Turkey, Vietnam and Brazil to establish a production network that spans the continents, Hyosung provides the best services based on responsive support and stable supply of the products. creoraⓇ is striving constantly to develop and supply an innovative product. It offers a wide range of differentiated products such as creoraⓇ Color+ to be dyed in blends with nylon, which can reduce grin-through on textile products, and makes the color of fabrics deeper and more vivid; black dope dyed spandex creroaⓇ Black, which brings out deeper, more sophisticated colors that conventional spandex is unable to give; the eco-friendly yarn creoraⓇ eco-soft, whose soft-touch fabric can be produced at a lower temperature than conventional spandex to save energy; creoraⓇ highclo™, which has the highest level of chlorine resistance to offer excellent elasticity in swimsuits. and creoraⓇ Fresh, which helps neutralize causes of body odor keep you feeling fresh and comfortable. This is the reason why global business brands have consistently chosen creoraⓇ, and why it is the No. 1 market leader globally.