ARAMID (Aramid fiber)

Successful commercialization of Aramid fibers, aiming to advance as a solution provider

  • Aramid yarn for bulletproof helmets
  • Aramid yarn for optical cables and ropes
  • Aramid yarn for MRG (Hose and & beltreinforcements and tire reinforcements)
  • Aramid yarn for civil construction reinforcements
  • Aramid yarn for staple (Protective clothingand gloves)
  • Aramid yarn for composite

The stronger-than-steel dream fiber ALKEXⓇ, developed by Hyosung with its proprietary technologies, helps customers grow their business and enhance their competitiveness. Boasting five times the strength of steel and fire-retardant quality without the use of a flame retardant, the highfunctional super fiber ALKEXⓇ is used as the core material for bulletproof vests, helmets, and vehicles, and is applied for automobile and industrial purposes. Recently, the product has been enjoying the ever-increasing demand as an effective alternative to asbestos previously used to manufacture auto brake pads and linings. To meet such an increase in demand, the division plans to increase its production capacity to 5,000 ton/year by 2019. The Aramid Business Division is committed to satisfying the needs of its customers with a wide range of products (high tenacity yarn,high modulus yarn and staple fiber) as well as differentiated products (fine denier yarn, adhesion activated yarn and Hybrid tire cord yarn).