No. 1 global market share for seatbelt yarn / No. 1 market share for technical yarn in Korea

  • PET yarn for seat belts
  • NY 66 and PET yarn for airbag
  • NY 66 and PET yarn for sewing thread
  • PET yarn for broad woven coated fabric
  • PET yarn for conveyor belts, rubber hoses,power transmission belts
  • PET yarn for sling belt and strap

Technical Yarn PU, which enjoys the biggest share in the world’s automotive seatbelt yarn market and in Korea’s technical yarn market, supplies a variety of optimized yarns used in various industrial fields such as automotive, sewing and various industrial applications. In particular, the unit developed Korea’s first automotive airbag yarns made of nylon 66 material, which has a high market growth potential, and is supplying them to the world’s major airbag fabric makers. In an effort to provide its customers with new value propositions and growth engines, it is striving to develop and launch new products. It is also gradually expanding its local sales and supply structure to provide differentiated services by building yarn manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam.