The first commercial manufacturer of high performance grade carbon fibers in Korea

  • Industrial applications : Pressure vessels,Construction, Automotive parts,Wind blades
  • Aerospace applications : Primary & Secondary structures, Interiors,Brake discs
  • Sports · Leisure applications : Golf shaft,Fishing rods, Premium bikes, Rackets,Premium boat

Carbon fiber is getting more attention as a core material for weight reduction due to the growing interest in energy efficiency around the world. Consisting of more than 92% of carbon, carbon fiber is a cutting-edge materiel which is 10 times stronger than steel, while its density is only a quarter that of steel. Hyosung developed Korea’s first high-performance grade carbon fiber TANSOMEⓇ (tensile strength of 5.5 GPa and tensile modulus above 250 GPa) and intermediate modulus grade TANSOMEⓇ (tensile strength of 5.5 Gpa and tensile modulus above 290 GPa). These fiber types account for over 70% of the total worldwide market demand, and are used widely as the core grade product lines in various industries, including aerospace, high performance industrial and sports · leisure. To satisfy the annual growth in worldwide demand for carbon fiber, which is over 12%, Hyosung will continuously increase the annual production capacity from the current level of 2,000 ton, and plans to become a top-tier player in the carbon fiber production business by 2020.