Korea’s No.1 electric motor manufacturer
System engineering business through a wide range of industrial product lineups

The Industrial Machinery Performance Unit is a professional manufacturer of electric motors,generators, chemical process equipment and gear units. It provides optimized, comprehensive solutions to meet the diverse and extensive requirements of its customers, ensures consistent product innovation, and enhances its reliability and efficiency, leading to record cost reductions. In the electric motor sector, meeting KS, IEC, NEMA, and GOST standards with the world as its stage, it has manufacturing facilities to produce more than 40 thousand units of electric motors per month,such as small and medium-sized low-voltage motors, mega-sized high-voltage motors, superpremium efficient motors, military motors, next-generation explosion-proof motors, and permanent magnet motors, which are optimized for various purposes and places. As far as generators are concerned, it provides key generating systems such as middle- and high-speed industrial generation equipment, marine generators, and wind power generators for the next-generation renewable energy sources. It also manufactures general industrial gears, oil rig elevator gears, pulverizer gears, and wind generator gears that must be highly reliable. In the industrial machinery field, it exports towers(columns), reactors, pressurized containers, heat exchangers, and other chemical process equipment that are used in petrochemical, oil, and gas plant processes, all of which are recognized for their technical excellence and quality. It always values its customers’ visions and strictly adheres to
applicable international and industrial standards. Hyosung’s high-quality products are widely used in steel & metal products, petrochemical, cement, wind generation, hydroelectric power generation,thermal generation, ocean power generation, nuclear power, shipbuilding, mining, and defense industries.


Electric motor
(600HP 8P 6600V 3 phase dielectric motive machine)

We produce all types of conductors with improved quality and reliability with the latest insulation system from low pressure small electric motor, which is the main power source of industrial equipment to special high voltage ultra large electric motor of 13.2 kV.


(Pulverizer Decelerator)

Reduction machines are used in various types of machinery including industrial machinery to reduce the rotational force of prime movers (motors, engines, etc.) to the optimum number of revolutions and turning forces required by driven machines (conveyors, pumps, cranes, mills, etc.) It converts and transmits power.


Industrial machinery
(petrochemistry、For refinery Plant equipment Tower Tank、Wind-Turbine、Etc)

In equipment equipment for petrochemical equipment, which means pressure vessel in general, HYOSUNG production models include Tower or Column, Reacter, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchange, Tank, Over Head Crane, Gantry Crane and others.



Technical Scope A.C Induction Type Range : 0.5~20,000HP F
requency : 50/60Hz
Voltage : 220~13,200V
Premium/Standard Efficiency
Production Scope
& Capacity
38,250 sets/month
Features & Advantages World-Class Performance
Enhanced Efficiencies
Cast Iron Construction
High Quality & Reliability



Decelerator(Gear Reducers)

Type & Rating Parallel Shaft & Right Angle Type
(3,446,000 in-lb Max. Output Torque & i=500)
Planetary Type (2,300,000 in-lb Max. Output Torque & i=500) Worm Gear Reducers
Geared Motors
2,500 sets/month
Features & Advantages Modular System
Carbonized, Hardened & Ground
Compact & Light Design
High Efficiency & Low Noise



Pressure vessel(Pressure Vessel

Item & Production Capacity Tower 2,000 ton
Reactor 800 ton
Heat Exchanger 1,500 ton
Pressure Vessel 2,000 ton
Storage Tank 3,000 ton
Dryer 200 ton
Polymer/Oligomer filter 200 ton
Others 700 ton
TOTAL 8,400 ton / Year
Features &
Updated Manufacturing Facilities
Clean Environment for Fabrication
High Quality & Reliability