Global No. 1 maker for polyester tire cords / Supplying 45% of the world’s passenger car tires

  • Tire cord
  • Steel cord
  • Bead wire
  • Saw wire

Tire & Industrial Reinforcements PU is the world’s best tire reinforcements player producing both textile and steel reinforcements to all global major tire makers. In particular, Hyosung’s polyester tire cords represent the largest market share in the world. Through long-term supply agreements with Michelin and Goodyear, it has gained recognition from global tire manufacturers for its excellence in quality. Moreover, in addition to the Ulsan Plant in Korea, Hyosung has established local production sites in many countries, including China, Vietnam, USA, and Luxembourg, which enables a stable product supply and prompt customer services. Hyosung signed a long-term supply agreement on steel cords with Michelin and Goodyear, successfully building a stable sales platform. In addition to the Eonyang Plant in Korea, Hyosung expanded its overseas production facilities in China and Vietnam, consolidating its position as a global tire reinforcements manufacturer. The bead wire unit develops superior products, contributing greatly to making tires lighter and more fuel efficient, and currently supplies more than 90,000 ton/year of products globally. Using its expertise in manufacturing steel cords and bead wires, Hyosung provides saw wire required in the production process of wafers for semiconductors and solar cells, contributing to the growth of the green and IT industries.



Tirecord We continually strive for products with products with high perfomance that is hearty for high quality manufacturing, and in particular boasts the world's highest level of product quality.