Global No. 1 maker for polyester tire cords / Supplying 45% of the world’s passenger car tires

  • PET Tire cord
  • NY Tire cord
  • Steel cord
  • Bead wire
  • Hose wire

Tire Reinforcement PU is the world’s only comprehensive tire reinforcement manufacturer that supplies fiber tire cords, steel cords, bead wires and other reinforcement materials at once.
In particular, the world’s No. 1 polyester tire cord is recognized for its high quality by global tire manufacturers. In addition, we have established local production systems in Korea, China, Vietnam, the United States, Luxembourg and other parts of the world, providing stable product supply and speedy service.
The steel cord division also strengthened its position as a global manufacturer by expanding its local production bases in China and Vietnam following the South Korean plant. The Bead Wire Division, which supplies 90,000 tons of products annually, contributes to reducing tire weight and improving fuel efficiency by developing superior products.