Pioneering new markets with a wide range of chemical products through the global network

Based on Hyosung’s extensive global networks, the Chemical PU has diversified its export product range and contributes to satisfying customer’s needs. In order to become a leading trading company specialized in chemicals, the Chemical PU endeavor our effort to develop chemicals related in fast growing industries of the Future. Hyosung exports a variety of chemical products, ranging from Petrochemicals such as TPA, PX, PET Chip, PE and PP, Fine chemicals such as MDI, ECH, TiO2 ,fertilizers in agricultural chemistry, to Wood Pellet which is renewable energy source. For the company’s sustainable development, Chemical PU foster global talents with our top priority providing our staff various education program to become international trade experts.


Fine Chemicals


Mining Chemicals and Concentrates

NaCN, Zinc Dust, and Concentrates

Plastic Resins

PP, PE, ABS, PS etc.

Raw Materials for Synthetic Fibers

TPA, PX, PET Chip and PSF