Pioneering new markets with a wide range of chemical products through the global network

Korea’s cost competitiveness and various chemical products with excellent quality are important utilities of many Japanese customers.
Meanwhile, Japan’s excellent chemical products are active everywhere throughout the world through the global network of Akasaki connecting the whole world.
In addition to chemical fiber raw materials such as PX and TPA, resin products such as PET and PP, various chemical products ranging from petrochemical basic materials such as Wood Chip, which is a renewable energy source to precision chemical fields, I am trading.
We also train professional trade experts through various training opportunities, etc. for sustainable development of the organization.


Fine Chemicals

Ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, sulfuric acid etc.

Mining Chemicals and Concentrates

NaCN, and Concentrates

Plastic Resins

PP, PE, ABS, PS etc.

Raw Materials for Synthetic Fibers

TPA, PX, PET Chip and PSF