Hyosung is a global chemical fiber manufacturer continuously developing multi-function, high quality Nylon and Polyester yarns to help customers create more value. Its products are strongly preferred by customers around the world.

Nylon Fibe
Korea’s best nylon fibers / Development of the world’s first microfibers

  • MIPAN regenⓇ
  • MIPAN fine & soft
  • MIPAN robic
  • MIPAN robic-air
  • MIPAN aqua-X
  • MIPAN fit
  • MIPAN rexy
  • MIPAN glurex

As the undisputed market leader in Korea, the Nylon Fiber Business Division produces a wide variety of highly functional fibers including TOPLONⓇ, which is our major product line used to manufacture premium lingerie, outdoor sportswear and industrial materials, MIPAN fine & soft, MIPAN aqua-X(Cool-touch, wicking nylon), MIPAN fit (far-infrared radiation yarn), MIPAN XF (N/P compound yarn),MIPAN rexy (flat surfaced yarn with a shiny, metallic luster), MIPAN corona (conductive yarn), MIPAN glurex (bonding yarn), MIPAN robic (highly robust yarn), and MIPAN robic-air (hollow yarn). We also focus on developing cutting-edge materials that include the world’s first microfibers. In particular,MIPAN regenⓇ, our recycled nylon for clothes, helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuel, preserve
natural resources and cut down energy and greenhouse gas emissions. This product was recognized by the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) of the Control Union in the Netherlands for its many ecological benefits.

Polyester Fiber
Development of regenⓇ, Korea’s first yarn recycled from PET bottles
m2, aerocool, and askin, selected as the world’s best products

With its own superior technologies in high-performing product lines, the Polyester Fiber Business Division develops and supplies a wide variety of new materials required for the development of hightech functional products through continuous R&D. The division is contributing to high value creation for customers by constantly developing various differentiated products, such as m2, a microfiber which was recognized by the government of Korea as one of the world’s best products; aerocool, a leading cool-touch wicking yarn; askin, a cool-feeling, UV-blocking, non-see-through yarn; freshgear,which has deodorization function to sweat odor; aeroheat, which is heat-generating fiber; aerosilver, an antibacterial yarn with silver elements; aerowarm, a light, warm yarn which controls humidity in winter clothing with sweat-absorbing, quick-drying functions; aerocool prizma, which is a multifunctional, sweat-absorbing, quick-drying yarn with an excellent dyeing function and colorfastness; and xanadu, a latent and potential crimped yarn which is highly elastic with a stable shape and durability compared to spandex. In particular, the Polyester Fiber Business Division has made special efforts to develop ecological fiber materials and launched regenⓇ, a recycled polyester yarn made from waste PET bottles, for the first time in Korea. regenⓇ has been GRS-certified by the Control Union, an environmental certification organization, as well as JEA certified in Japan. It has also earned an Eco-Mark.

  • regenⓇ
  • aerocool
  • aerowarm
  • firex
  • m2
  • aerogear
  • aeroheat
  • askin
  • aerosilver
  • prizma
  • xanadu
  • cotna
  • freshgear