The only engineering plastic with all polymer main chains consisting of carbon
Excellent impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, fuel resistance,
and gas barrier properties

  • Polyketone (POKETONETM)

Polyketone, developed and successfully commercialized by Hyosung for the first time in the world, is an eco-friendly new polymer material composed of CO, which is the main culprit of air pollution, and olefin (ethylene, propylene), which is a petrochemical raw material. It has two times the impact strength of nylon, with a chemical resistance 30% higher than nylon; its abrasion resistance is also 10 times higher than polyacetal (POM) with the highest level, and its level of gas barrier properties is equal to ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), which is superior to any other currently existing materials.Hyosung completed the construction of a commercial production plant in 2015 and it is aggressively expanding into the engineering plastic market, which is continuously achieving more than 5% annual