Giving new direction in textile innovation to maximize customer value

Hyosung is a leading textile manufacturer, providing the largest number of products in the global textile industry, including creoraⓇ, aerocool, and askin. Hyosung’s spandex brand creoraⓇ has been chosen by many internationally renowned manufacturers of lingerie, swimsuits, and hosiery. Hyosung produces and supplies a wide range of nylon and polyester yarns and fabrics, and dye-processed products as well. It is striving to increase value for customers by developing products and differentiated materials that meet diverse customer needs, based on the highest level of technical competence.


By establishing and expanding spandex production lines in Turkey, China, Vietnam and Brazil, Hyosung is becoming more responsive to customer demand as well as enhancing product quality and production reliability.


Hyosung has developed and marketed recycled polyester yarn (using discarded PET bottles) and recycled nylon yarn (using industrial waste) which acquired international certifications.


Hyosung acquired Eco Mark from Control Union (Netherland) and Japan Environment Association (Japan) for its eco-friendly yarn that will help saveenergy cost, consume less petrochemical rawmaterials, and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Spandex
  • Nylon Polyester Fiber
  • Fabric Dyeing