Independent manufacturing system from polymerization of raw materials to production
Korea’s largest supplier of nylon films / Enhance the foundation for growth in polyester film
by entering into electronic materials and high value-added films

  • Nylon film(Food packaging, Medicine,Secondary cells)
  • Polyester film (Packaging, Optics, and Industrial)

The Film PU began producing nylon films in 1996 and polyester films in 1997 based on domestic know-how and world-class expertise in nylon and polyester fiber business. The unit is independently developing nylon and polyester copolymers, which are materials for film products. In 2004, the unit set up a nylon film plant based on uni-axially drawn film production that delivers the largest capacity in Korea. In addition, the unit has set up optical and industrial polyester film production facilities in its Yongyeon Plant in Ulsan, and has already started mass production and sales. The unit’s efforts and research resulted in ISO 9001 certification in 2000 and ISO 14001 certification in 2008, ensuring that the unit has the biggest market share in the Korean nylon film market through excellent quality and stable supply. The unit’s polyester film sector produces a variety of industrial films including optical films used for FPD LCD production, solar cell films, motor insulator films, and processing to secure competitive edge in the electronic film industry.


Polyester film

It is excellent in mechanical properties and chemical thermal stability, it can be used for packaging food and medicine, for stamping foil, for transfer, for industrial use.

Nylon Film

By using the Triple Bubble System (Triple Bubble System) and the T – Die ejection stretching method at the same time, we can supply various kinds of products that meet the needs of our customers. It has low oxygen permeability, cold resistance, good Pin-hole Resistance, so it is used for refrigerated foods, frozen foods, retort foods, refill packaging materials and so on.

FILMORE GT(For general packaging)
The nylon film produced by the T-Die ejection stretching method has high uniformity of thickness, excellent print productivity, high toughness pinhole resistance, especially little damage at low temperature Frozen food packaging It is suitable. It is also used for packaging for long-term storage of foods and chemicals because of its low oxygen permeability.
FILMORE BG(For general packaging)
It is a nylon film produced in a tubular simultaneous stretching method (Triple Bubble System), and has good toughness and pinhole resistance and is suitable for food packaging.
FILMORE RT(For retort packaging)
It is excellent in heat resistance and can withstand high temperature sterilization of retort foods. (130 ° C for High Retort, heatable for 30 minutes)
FILMORE DT(For blister packaging)
It is a product that can strengthen strength and elasticity and can be used for pharmaceutical blister packaging.
FILMORE AT(Cross-section coated product)
It is a product with scientific coating treatment on the cross section of nylon film, and printability and lamination adhesion are superior to general film.